Vegan Activist Alliance was founded on the belief that all beings have a natural right to their autonomy and to live free from oppression. We believe and are committed to animal liberation. We believe and are committed to total liberation of all other-than-human persons, human persons, and the planet. 

We hope to achieve individual and systemic change of the exploitative industries that torture, silence, and kill 

other-than human persons by raising awareness, building community, and being politically active.  Our demonstrations are experiential. We engage with the public via video footage, conversation, literature, art, music, poetry, performances, and plant-based food

We seek to build community and empower activists to lead in the fight for liberation without depending on any particular group or brand– including us. Our goal is not only to create more activists, but to build a more cohesive and inclusive movement. 

VAA takes an abolitionist, anti-speciesist, anti-racist, de-colonial approach to our liberation work. We believe in the interconnected-ness of all beings and the planet, and hold our consistent anti-oppression views firmly.

We stand in solidarity with all persons regardless of species and with all members of our community regardless of race, color, sex, age, national origin, ethnicity, citizenship status, religion or lack thereof, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, neurodiversity/neurodivergence, physical ability, and/or any other status as a federal, state or local protected class. 

Thank you for joining us in the fight for liberation and for being in community with us.

© 2020 by Vegan Activist Alliance